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Ice Ice Baby!

Photography by Toni Jade

Brian’s Bar Mitzvah was a spectacular party and we had so much fun planning and celebrating his passion for hockey with his family and friends!! Let us tell you little about this cool party!!!

After a touching ceremony, guests were ushered to a cocktail hour where they were served an assortment of passed hors d’oeuvres, chilled bubbles and some creative mocktails for the younger guests. As they made their way in to the Ballroom, they got their first glance of the Main Event.

Brian’s vision was brought to life by transforming the venue into a hockey rink by covering the entire floor with white carpet, creating lounges with all white furnishings and the prominent placement of two ice towers.

All eyes were drawn to the giant LED Screen for an amazing video reel of our Mitzvah boy skating on center ice of the BB&T Center in full hockey gear!! It was there, from the big screen, that Brian made the announcement of the evening, “And now, four hours of commercial free fun start, now!” At that same moment, Brian came speeding into the room on his skates and went flying over a ramp that sent him to the front of the stage in mid-air as the sparks ignited the room. The dance floor was flooded with low lying fog and as you may have guessed plenty of dancers. In addition to the festivities on the dance floor, the attention was turned to the reveal of a decked out “locker room” full of sweets and giveaways marking this occasion as one everyone will remember.

Not ready to jump back into your Social or Event Calendar quite yet?

Not ready to jump back into your Social or Event Calendar quite yet?

We understand!! This is why we offer Luxury Delivered!! Specializing in sophisticated events custom fit to our clients needs and addressing the current times, we are able to bring together the essential elements of a spectacular event and deliver them to you!!

We have Private Chefs, Musicians, Entertainers and of course our Designer ready to set the stage for your next event. Whether planning a dinner for a select few or a gathering for friends or colleagues, we are prepared to design, plan and even manage your event with the professional approach that defines LV Event Designs!!

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Location, Location, Location!!

If you look to the East, you cannot miss the prestigious Armani Casa building located in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. This stunning structure is already nearly sold out and is called home by residents from all over the World. We had the honor to be a part of this building’s journey to completion and in the ultimate Grand Opening… and let me tell you, it was GRAND! 

You were reminded immediately upon arrival of the elevated service and design that are the foundation for this amazing project delivered by Related Group and Dezer Development in partnership with Giorgio Armani. Moving through the unique spaces, including an intimate private Restaurant, perfectly appointed Spa, Private Cinema, cozy Cigar Room among other luxury amenities, guests were treated to unique installations. Brought in for this limited engagement, were a Giorgio Armani Fine Jewelry display in the Lobby Lounge and an unbelievable Giorgio Armani Handbag collection in the Prive Room. And if you needed a new Armani suit, you could get measured right there in the Scotch Bar where there was a full on Made to Fit trunk show!!  

If you’re food, fashion and music lovers, like we are, you need the scoop on the party out on the Pool Deck. Straight from the Armani Recipe Book and led by Chef Michele Brogioni you were treated to small bites of Italian inspired delicacies featuring imported, hand selected ingredients fitting to the occasion. Signature Armani cocktails were also on the menu along with tall glasses of chilled bubbles!! Once the crowd was positioned tightly around the very inviting pool and our Hosts had a chance to give shout outs to all of their key partners, the Armani Team truly went all out by bringing the Giorgio Armani Spring Fashion Collection 2020 to the ocean front deck. Presenting an amazing runway show capped off with a grand finale framed by a massive fireworks display, Armani took the evening’s program to an unprecedented level. As if that wasn’t enough, you were about to find out what the stage was there for. As the lights dropped and the anticipation built, the guests quickly made their way to the front of the stage!! The rumor was true, Mr. 305 was indeed in the house!! With an energy unparalleled, Pitbull and his team of dancers put on a show that rocked the foundation of this new building like no one else could. Residences by Armani Casa was now officially open!! Enjoy some shots of this benchmark event!! 

From Morocco to Miami

Do you know the meaning of a Henna Celebration?

Let us tell you… A tradition that dates back 2,000 years, the Henna is a gathering of family and friends to celebrate and praise the bride and groom and wish them many years of protection, health and happiness. For our bride, Danielle we brought Morocco to Miami, more specifically to The Sagamore Hotel which served as the perfect venue for this memorable event.

All guests were greeted with a Moroccan Mojito, as they walked under an arch of fire with water drums playing in the background. Their eyes were immediately taken by the design elements where we were able to mix metals like gold and silver with a pop of color such as fuchsia, blue, purple and orange with different textures and of course fresh flowers. The familiar fragrance of burning incense also helped transport the family and friends back to their roots. You see, when we design and plan events, we enjoy activating all the senses. In our pursuit to accomplish, this we also brought in genuine Moroccan cuisine such as Tagine, Couscous, Zalouk, Harira, Khobz, amongst other delicious dishes. These were accompanied by authentic desserts such as Ghoriba, Briouat, Chebakia, Ma’amoul. The evening’s entertainment showcased musicians playing handmade instruments such as the shofar and water drums performing authentic music while the couple made their entrance. A fire show combined with belly dancers was the next jaw dropping element. Our host also wanted to provide items for the guests to take home and even wear during the party which we were able to set up in a market along with an assortment of dried fruits, fresh flowers, seasonings and various fashion accessories.

The details for events like this one are too many to mention here but with a glance at the vibrant photos we have included here, we think you will share in the experience.

Conquering New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are like exercise equipment, we all have some but most of us don’t use them. They’re fun in theory but after March rolls around, those resolutions are shoved into the back of our minds like those dumbbells collecting dust in the back of your closet.

Surprisingly enough, event planning and goal tracking can be very similar, so here are a few tips to creating AND keeping that New Year’s resolution.

Inspiration: Surround yourself with things that inspire you, which could be photos, mood boards, videos, books or even other people. Inspiration creates motivation and motivation is half the battle! With event design, it’s essential to stay inspired, we love to keep trinkets that we find or take photos while were out. We’re constantly looking for inspiration to help create unique elements that we can add to events.

Plan of action: Organization is key! Creating a detailed plan of action provides direction and accountability.  Logistics is the name of the game in event planning; without a plan or timeline, nothing would get done properly. Creating smaller goals within the main goal makes things much more manageable.

Optimism: A “can do” attitude can work wonders for your desired outcome. Your attitude determines your thoughts and your thoughts determine your actions. The LV office is always filled with smiles and encouragement! It may not always be smooth sailing but when you’re always finding new ways to love what you’re doing, it shows in the results!

So no failing this year ladies & gents! Let’s make 2017 a year of self-improvement and growth, both professionally and personally…LV will be rooting for you! 😉

A Year in Review

At LV Event Designs, 2016 was filled with so much joy and growth!

Our clientele base has grown so much that it has given us the opportunity to work amazing individuals and some of the greatest national and international companies.

One huge highlight for us was collaborating with major fashion houses such as Fendi and Armani, these are the kind of clients you could only dream of! Lina Vargas expressed her enthusiasm in building these brand relationships and forging new ones.

“When you’re working with such well-known brands it’s important to not disappoint” Lina Vargas, LV Event Designs´ Creative Director, explained, “It may come with plenty of pressure but I loved every second of it!  It pushes me to challenge myself and the creative process is so rewarding!”

The LV Office also experienced personal growth. This year, we added two great additions to our team, our Sales and Marketing Director and our Event and Hospitality Specialist! This allowed us to not only tackle more projects but it has created a collaborative environment that has increased the quality and level of detail in our events!

It’s safe to say we are THRILLED to see what 2017 brings!! LV is expanding in all ways and the future looks BRIGHT yet none of it would’ve been possible without our dear clients! We cherish you all!!