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A Year in Review

At LV Event Designs, 2016 was filled with so much joy and growth!

Our clientele base has grown so much that it has given us the opportunity to work amazing individuals and some of the greatest national and international companies.

One huge highlight for us was collaborating with major fashion houses such as Fendi and Armani, these are the kind of clients you could only dream of! Lina Vargas expressed her enthusiasm in building these brand relationships and forging new ones.

“When you’re working with such well-known brands it’s important to not disappoint” Lina Vargas, LV Event Designs´ Creative Director, explained, “It may come with plenty of pressure but I loved every second of it!  It pushes me to challenge myself and the creative process is so rewarding!”

The LV Office also experienced personal growth. This year, we added two great additions to our team, our Sales and Marketing Director and our Event and Hospitality Specialist! This allowed us to not only tackle more projects but it has created a collaborative environment that has increased the quality and level of detail in our events!

It’s safe to say we are THRILLED to see what 2017 brings!! LV is expanding in all ways and the future looks BRIGHT yet none of it would’ve been possible without our dear clients! We cherish you all!!