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Ice Ice Baby!

Photography by Toni Jade

Brian’s Bar Mitzvah was a spectacular party and we had so much fun planning and celebrating his passion for hockey with his family and friends!! Let us tell you little about this cool party!!!

After a touching ceremony, guests were ushered to a cocktail hour where they were served an assortment of passed hors d’oeuvres, chilled bubbles and some creative mocktails for the younger guests. As they made their way in to the Ballroom, they got their first glance of the Main Event.

Brian’s vision was brought to life by transforming the venue into a hockey rink by covering the entire floor with white carpet, creating lounges with all white furnishings and the prominent placement of two ice towers.

All eyes were drawn to the giant LED Screen for an amazing video reel of our Mitzvah boy skating on center ice of the BB&T Center in full hockey gear!! It was there, from the big screen, that Brian made the announcement of the evening, “And now, four hours of commercial free fun start, now!” At that same moment, Brian came speeding into the room on his skates and went flying over a ramp that sent him to the front of the stage in mid-air as the sparks ignited the room. The dance floor was flooded with low lying fog and as you may have guessed plenty of dancers. In addition to the festivities on the dance floor, the attention was turned to the reveal of a decked out “locker room” full of sweets and giveaways marking this occasion as one everyone will remember.