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From Morocco to Miami

Do you know the meaning of a Henna Celebration?

Let us tell you… A tradition that dates back 2,000 years, the Henna is a gathering of family and friends to celebrate and praise the bride and groom and wish them many years of protection, health and happiness. For our bride, Danielle we brought Morocco to Miami, more specifically to The Sagamore Hotel which served as the perfect venue for this memorable event.

All guests were greeted with a Moroccan Mojito, as they walked under an arch of fire with water drums playing in the background. Their eyes were immediately taken by the design elements where we were able to mix metals like gold and silver with a pop of color such as fuchsia, blue, purple and orange with different textures and of course fresh flowers. The familiar fragrance of burning incense also helped transport the family and friends back to their roots. You see, when we design and plan events, we enjoy activating all the senses. In our pursuit to accomplish, this we also brought in genuine Moroccan cuisine such as Tagine, Couscous, Zalouk, Harira, Khobz, amongst other delicious dishes. These were accompanied by authentic desserts such as Ghoriba, Briouat, Chebakia, Ma’amoul. The evening’s entertainment showcased musicians playing handmade instruments such as the shofar and water drums performing authentic music while the couple made their entrance. A fire show combined with belly dancers was the next jaw dropping element. Our host also wanted to provide items for the guests to take home and even wear during the party which we were able to set up in a market along with an assortment of dried fruits, fresh flowers, seasonings and various fashion accessories.

The details for events like this one are too many to mention here but with a glance at the vibrant photos we have included here, we think you will share in the experience.