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Etiquette Tips For Your Holiday Office Party

A holiday party can be nerve wracking for anybody but it shouldn’t be. We’ll give you the low down to the do’s and don’ts of office parties to make sure you enjoy the upcoming holiday season at work!

Do: Know what type of party you’re going to, read the invitation for clues to the theme, dress code and overall feel of the party. Does it seem festive or formal?

Do: Dress to impress! Although it may be a party, it is important to remember that it is still a work event. A party is the time to play with colors and style but if you wouldn’t be comfortable if you’re boss saw you wearing it in public it’s a safe bet that it won’t be appropriate for the party.

Don’t: Don’t be antisocial. After all it is a party, it’s a great time to network and get to know your coworkers beyond your everyday cooler talk.

Do: Prep your guest. Every office has their quirks, it’s important that your guest is aware of some of these. Make sure they follow the dress code and know which topics to stay away from.

Don’t: This might be the biggest DON’T on the list. Don’t over indulge at the bar . To avoid any cringe worthy mishaps, have a drink limit, for most two is more than enough. The alcohol is provided to make everyone more relaxed not revisit your college years.

Don’t: These days we post everything on social media. When it comes to office parties, its’ probably best to leave the snapchats and instagram filters at home. Some companies might consider the social gatherings private, and not to be shared with the general public.

Do: Have fun! It might seem intimidating but try to enjoy yourself.