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A Birthday Celebration like No Other

What happens when you mix designer with a fabulous woman? The most elegant and lavish birthday bash anyone could dream of! This month we had the honor of throwing a gorgeous lady a birthday party at Fendi Château in Surfside, FL. The location alone provided a gorgeous canvas; we based this design on clean lines with curvy accent pieces that go along with the venue’s architectural design. We incorporated the client’s favorite color, Yellow, into our design, which allowed for a more festive and bright atmosphere to this mid-November affair.

From the extravagant entrance that included a human extension line (you have to see the photos!) to cocktail hour, where the talented violinist group, The String Angels, serenaded guests. It was an entertaining evening with over 70 artists and many performances such as Led Beaus Freres, a young talented opera singer, a Flamenco performance and the Brazilian carnival! It didn’t end there, catering was provided by the world-renowned Cipriani and for dessert guests noshed on churros while they danced the night away! Guests ended their evening with their own box of personalized handmade truffles! To put it quite simply, it was a fairytale birthday extravaganza!